Top Five: Ways To Spend The First Day Of Summer Vacation

Can you feel the electricity in the air? No, it's not a spring thunderstorm -- it's the first day of summer vacation! Kids in Urbana School District No. 116 had their last day May 23, and kids in Champaign Unit 4 Schools will be set free on May 29. There's nothing quite as delicious as that very first day of freedom, no matter what age you are. So how should you spend it? … [Read more...]

Mom To Mom: Summertime and The Livin Ain’t Easy

By Leslie Srajek From the sixth-grade English class journal of my middle child: “The worst day I ever had was when my brother pushed me through a window. It was summer and my big brother and I were arguing about something. He hit me, I kicked him, and then he pushed me through the window that was above my bed, which I was standing on. Then we stopped arguing about that and … [Read more...]

From There to Here: Stealing Summer

by Amy L. Hatch I was about 25 when I asked my dad how long it would take me to stop feeling like I should have a three-month vacation each summer. I'd been out of college for four years, and still, every Memorial Day, my brain started yelling at me that it was time to play hooky. Sure, I'd had summer jobs, full-time internships in a corporate environment. But it wasn't … [Read more...]