Champaign-Urbana Area Summer Programs for Older Kids


Summer programming for big kids? It’s out there.


Sometimes telling the difference between and teen and tween is extremely difficult! (Photo courtesy of

If you have a teen or tween girl in your life, you will want to check out the Be the Benchmark courses starting on October 14th – to help them become more confident young women who will create lives that have impact far beyond their imaginations – setting the BENCHMARK for their generation.

6 Songs Your Teen Needs on Her Back-To-School Playlist

Music for teens inspiring them to be their best!

Be the Benchmark offers six awesome stories (in the form of songs) to set your daughter on the right path of confidence and success this school year

Teens And The Family Vacation

Credit: Mike Baird, Flickr

A family vacation reconnects a Champaign mom to her teens.

Tales of a Teen’s Mom: Party Peril

Tales of a Teen Mom Chambanamoms

Creating an amazing birthday party was SO much easier when this teen was in grade school.