Family Game Night: Dominion

I've described before the way that certain games have come along and created a firestorm in the gaming hobby (for example, see the column on The Settlers of Catan from July 2012.) In 2008, a similar revolution happened with the publication of Dominion. Dominion created a new genre of hobby game overnight, almost entirely out of thin air. At least from a design standpoint, I … [Read more...]

Family Game Night: Roll Through the Ages

Family Game Night: Roll Through the Ages Roll Through the Ages tries to capture the feel of building a civilization in 30-45 minutes. Civilization-building games have a history that stretches back at least 30 years, and if you've ever played any of the Civilization computer games, they descend from a board game. However, these are usually sprawling, epic games that take … [Read more...]

Family Game Night: Hanabi

Over the summer, I wrote about awards given to hobby games. The winner of last year's Spiele des Jahres (German "Game of the Year") award is called Hanabi, and it's one of a very few games I've ever played and immediately wanted to play again -- multiple times. Hanabi is an unusual cooperative game, where everybody else can see your cards but you can't. The suggested retail … [Read more...]

Family Game Night: Liar’s Dice / Call My Bluff

by Jeff Dougan Since the holidays have just finished, we're in a month were people often feel pinched wallets. I'm therefore going to concentrate on something budget-friendly this month and next by discussing games that are either technically in the public domain (and thus can be assembled fairly cheaply) or else in the library's collection. This month we look at Liar’s Dice, … [Read more...]

Family Game Night: Sentinels of the Multiverse

by Jeff Dougan Headquartered down the road in St. Louis, Greater Than Games exploded onto the hobby game publishing scene in 2011. They're the classic story of guys who succeeded because nobody told them they were "doing it wrong," and in the space of a few months went from complete unknowns to award-nominated publishers with an intensely loyal fan base. Their flagship game, … [Read more...]