Family Game Night: Dominion

Dominion, the very first deck-building game, is a descendent of Magic: the Gathering and Yu-gi-oh, but created an entirely new sort of hobby game all on its own. Simple to learn and more challenging to master, it’s an introductory game worth trying with middle-school age students and older.

Family Game Night: Roll Through the Ages

A descendent of Yahtzee, Roll Through the Ages uses dice to try to capture the feeling of building a civilization in under an hour.

Family Game Night: Hanabi

Winner of last year’s most prestigious game award, inexpensive Hanabi plays quickly for upper elementary students and older. Players work together to assemble the best possible fireworks display while knowing everybody’s cards but their own.

Family Game Night: Liar’s Dice / Call My Bluff

You can’t get much better than the free price for Liar’s Dice, a classic bluffing game that can be easily handicapped for most ages.

Family Game Night: Sentinels of the Multiverse

The best comic-book themed card game out there lets a family work together, but will demand a lot of struggling readers or non-readers.