Life With Jack: Look Who’s Talking!

By Kara Downs “Mr. Rogers.” A simple name, nothing special. For me, however, this phrase is right up there with the first time Mike said “I love you.” On Feb. 22, Jack was able to choose his bedtime show on his communication device, the first time he has had a true “voice.” Jack has many delays, but none is more frustrating to me than his inability to communicate. … [Read more...]

Drama Down: Five Tips to De-escalate Mom/Daughter Conflict

By Angela Patton We all know that teen girls can generate some big drama. While it can be frustrating and even painful to watch them navigate the rocky years as they individuate and stretch their wings, it is even more difficult if you find yourself going head to head with them. As parents we are supposed to “pick our battles” so we don’t get into negative interactions … [Read more...]

Selective Silence: An Experiment in Connection

By Elaine Shpungin Every year, during the 4th of July weekend, my hubby and I leave behind the three Cs of our daily existence (Children, Computers, and Calendars) for a two day get-away to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year, as an experiment in fun and connection, we decided to leave behind another big C: Conversation (a.k.a. Chatter). At first glance this … [Read more...]