40 by 40: Week 25


Jenette finds that 40 is creeping up on her. Not just for her weight loss journey and her goal to lose 40 pounds by the time she turns 40, but for all the cliché reasons that women are wary of that number.

Chambana Mom to Know: Kari Croop

Kari Croop Chambana Mom to Know

See why we think “Mary Poppins” is a Chambana mom to know

Illinois Back-to-School Requirements: Vaccines, Physicals, and More

back to school physicals, vision, dental exams

Know when your child needs certain medical exams to enter schools in Illinois

Moving Mom # 9: Seven Big Tips


Moving Mom Beth is finally in her new home in Champaign-Urbana, and she has some moving tips for us.

Breastfeeding: Where to Find Help in Champaign-Urbana

Breastfeeding resources Champaign Urbana

From ounces fed to pounds gained, specialists across Champaign-Urbana can help any nursing mother-baby pair find their way.