Girls on the Run is in Champaign County!

Beth Peralta I first learned about Girls on the Run (GOTR) a few years ago and thought it sounded like a fantastic idea: To teach young girls to enjoy exercise while boosting self-esteem in a fun, supportive environment. Doing some research, I was disappointed to find out that there was not yet a chapter in Champaign-Urbana. Fast forward to this spring, and I heard that a … [Read more...]

Chambana Mom to Know: Susan Mynatt

Susan Mynatt grew up on a farm between St. Joseph and Urbana, and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Accounting. She has worked for the University for 18 years, currently in the School of Chemical Sciences as a Sponsored Research Business Analyst (she helps take care of the financials for the grants in the Chemistry and Chemical & Biomolecular … [Read more...]

Planting the Seed: The Running Mom

by Emily Harrington When I graduated from college I returned to my childhood home a sloppier, unhealthier and slightly softer version of my former self. McDonald’s, beer and grocery shopping on your own for four years will do that to you. My mom was determined to whip me back into shape and kick started a boot camp of sorts while I was living under her roof, once again. … [Read more...]

Chambana Mom to Know: Melissa Byrd

Melissa Byrd, a Mahomet mom of three, has changed her whole life by running. She achieved a significant weight loss -- 135 pounds -- and has reached several milestones because of the Illinois Marathon. She ran her first 5K and half marathon there, and will run the full marathon -- also her first -- this Saturday, April 28. Byrd is married to Brandon, and the family has three … [Read more...]

Marathoning Mama: Running after Baby in C-U and Beyond

By Daniele Frerichs So maybe you won't run a marathon after baby, but a vast majority of new moms seek out exercise routines post-baby in order to shed the unwanted pounds. I struggled with this after my first daughter was born, and it wasn't until I started a running routine the pounds disappeared. Although, I started running again for this reason (I ran religiously in my … [Read more...]