The Wannabe Mom: Happy Birthday, Little Baby

EDITOR'S UPDATE: The Wannabe Mom contacted us this afternoon, and let us know that, thanks to your generosity, she has already raised more than $500 for Crisis Nursery! She asked us to post this message: Our goal is now $,1000 because we blew through that $500 goal within a few hours of this post being published. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I really feel the love. … [Read more...]

The Wannabe Mom: Help

By the Wannabe Mom Help. The warm water rises until it’s above my chest.  Bubbles cover everything but my knees. I use bath oil.  The smell of eucalyptus fills my lungs.  My breath catches in my chest. It’s quiet in my house.  In my head. My eyes--not focused—are fixed on the bare wall.  Everything is blurry—fuzzy.  I’m in a trance of sorts.  No thoughts.  No … [Read more...]

The Wannabe Mom: Sunny Side of the Street

by The Wannabe Mom It’s been a week. I’m still down and out. Maybe it’s the weather? All this ice and snow. Or maybe it’s perfectly normal to take longer to bounce back after your second loss? Who knows. I’m trying my best to see the bright side of things though. Here’s my Top 10 List of Things Making Me Happy--in no particular order. 1. iPhone. I … [Read more...]

The Wannabe Mom: 26

by The Wannabe Mom When I found out we were pregnant this summer I numbered each week of my calendar—from four weeks to 40 weeks. It was my own little countdown to baby. I remember thinking if we could just get to 26 weeks—a viable pregnancy--we’d be good. We made it to week six. This week I saw the "26" I’d written on this past Sunday. For the first time in a … [Read more...]

The Wannabe Mom: Proving Me Right

by The Wannabe Mom They say everything happens for a reason. Last week I proved them right. I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been promoted to a new position with my company.  It’s a position I’ve worked towards since I started here--eight years ago.  It’s a position normally reserved for those in their 60s--men in their 60s. So I’m younger and a woman.  So what?  I’m … [Read more...]