Mom to Mom: Men-Oh-WHAT IS THIS?

By Bethany Parker So let’s talk about the thing. You know, the thing that so many of us here are trying to pretend isn’t happening, but we know deep down is the only real answer. There’s no other explanation for why we’ve been waking up at night for the last six months drenched in sweat, or suddenly ripping off every acceptable piece of clothing during the church service … [Read more...]

Accepting ADHD, One Day at a Time

By Kelly Youngblood It’s been several months since my 7-year-old son was officially diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and I’m just now starting to grasp what that really means for him and for me. And all I really know is that it’s hard. It’s hard to hear that first teacher tell you, “He’s really bright. If he could just focus ...” It’s … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: Epic (Pinterest) Fail

By Bethany Parker Today was my oldest son’s 14th birthday and it’s also MY birthday, my 43rd – we share it, and it’s always fun. We do something different every year and we always enjoy ourselves. Pre-Pinterest, I used to make these really awful, really fun cakes for us. He was 4, 5, and 6 years old and thought my dinosaur and castle cakes were the coolest things ever.  … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: Another Side of Mother’s Day

Editor's Note: Sometimes we post things anonymously. This is one of those times. I actually do love my mother, but I’m not close to her. I don’t feel comfort in her presence, I don’t call her with news about my life, and … I won’t be devastated (sad, yes; devastated, no) when she is no longer here. I know this sounds awful – I know. I know some people reading this will … [Read more...]

Is There an Art to Parenting?

Editor's Note: Illini Chabad is a sponsor of  No one can get a degree in parenting. But if you're craving a little help with the world's most challenging role, an all-new class sponsored by Illini Chabad wants to help. The Art of Parenting focuses on timeless insights from Jewish wisdom to instill values, foster independence, and ensure the … [Read more...]