Champaign-Urbana Preschool Guide

Welcome to the annual Champaign-Urbana Area Preschool Guide! It is our belief that there is no one best preschool in Champaign-Urbana — or anywhere for that matter. Not every school is right for every child! That is why it is important for parents to shop around, to find what works for your child — and what works for your family. This guide features schools that: cater … [Read more...]

14 Parenting Hacks for Champaign-Urbana

By Kristy Wilson If you are on social media in any form you have most likely seen articles titled “20+ Genius Parenting Hacks that Make Parenting So Much Easier” or “The 50 Best Parenting Hacks you Need to Learn." Maybe you have not seen these specific lists, but there is certainly a high likelihood that you have seen something similar. One such article recently popped up in … [Read more...]

Champaign-Urbana Metro Area Photographer’s Guide

Looking for a photographer? Want to find the perfect fit for your family? Here are some of the top Champaign-Urbana area photographers that are available to capture your family moments. Please note that listings are sponsors of We offer this list as a service; listings are not endorsements. Are you a photographer and want to be added to the list? Please … [Read more...]

School’s Out? Champaign-Urbana Childcare Options

It's inevitable that no matter what Champaign-Urbana area school your children attend -- kids have random days of school, and your work schedule doesn't always match up.  Whether it's an Institute Day, a school "improvement" day, or a holiday, there are many options for families who are looking for a safe, fun place for their kids to spend the day. Prices range greatly … [Read more...]

Champaign-Urbana New Year’s Fitness Guide Sponsored by iPower’s Boot Camp

Thanks to iPower's Boot Camp for sponsoring our New Year's Fitness Guide. It’s hard to escape the talk of New Year’s resolutions related to health, fitness, and weight loss. The truth is – any time is a great time to commit to health and wellness goals. Thankfully, here in Champaign-Urbana, as well as Savoy, Tuscola, Monticello and Mahomet — we are lucky to have plenty of … [Read more...]