Art Mart Opens at New Champaign Location

By Kelly Youngblood Art Mart has been offering locals a unique place to shop and eat for the last 38 years at Lincoln Square in Urbana. Starting this weekend, the eatery and specialty store will serve its customers from a brand new location in Champaign. After closing the doors at Lincoln Square last Thursday, Art Mart will reopen this weekend at 1705 S. Prospect Ave., … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Sponsored by I-Power Gymnastics

The holiday of love is a fun time for giving gifts. Thanks to I-Power Gymnastics for sponsoring this guide. I-Power offers a Parent's Night Out so you can have date night on this special weekend. The Valentine's Parents' Night Out is Feb. 13  from 7-10 p.m. Kids 6 and older who would like to sleep over can be picked up by 9 a.m. the next morning. Parents' Night Out events … [Read more...]

14 Parenting Hacks for Champaign-Urbana

By Kristy Wilson If you are on social media in any form you have most likely seen articles titled “20+ Genius Parenting Hacks that Make Parenting So Much Easier” or “The 50 Best Parenting Hacks you Need to Learn." Maybe you have not seen these specific lists, but there is certainly a high likelihood that you have seen something similar. One such article recently popped up in … [Read more...]

2015 Champaign-Urbana Minimalist Gift Guide

Looking for a last-minute gift? There's plenty to choose from - but how about not giving a gift at all, but an experience?   Many people will resist, saying they don't want to give something to a child, especially a young child, that they can't unwrap. My suggestion is to give that child a small, inexpensive item that relates to the "experience" gift. For example: say you want … [Read more...]

Last Minute Teacher Gifts in Champaign Urbana

Once upon a time,  I was a classroom teacher.  In my years in the classroom I got some pretty amazing gifts from students.  Original artwork from a Jr. High student.  A gift basket to a local bakery filled with yummy treats that I then shared with my family. Gift Cards. Champagne.   The list goes on and on. Now I am a classroom parent.  My kids are counting down the days … [Read more...]