Illini Tutoring: Helping Children Build a Love for Math

illini tutoring champaign urbana

The tutors at Illini Tutoring want to help your child build confidence in themselves and develop a love for math.

Want to Get Kids Moving? Champaign Surplus Can Help!

Champaign Surplus Geopals Homer Lake Urbana

Help build the Homer Lake Playscape and get your kids moving this summer!

Meet the Mompreneur: Champaign Surplus’ Shira Epstein

Champaign Surplus Shira Epstein shop local

Meet the mom behind Champaign Surplus — and don’t miss out on a great coupon!

Valentine’s Day Freebies in Champaign-Urbana

Valentine's Day Champaign-Urbana

We’ve got the lowdown on Valentine’s Day freebies in Champaign-Urbana Introduces: Dr. Emily McCabe

mccabe chiropractic

Meet Dr. Emily McCabe — and a free introductory special for new patients