Valentine’s Day with Kids: The Sweet Spot Between Cheap Cards and Pinterest Nightmares

by Mary Widdicks Valentine’s Day is designed for lovers and suitors to declare their romantic feelings for each other in shiny, sparkling, and dazzling fashion. Yet, since the invention of crafting havens like Pinterest, pressure is being placed on parents to extend the holiday to include their children as well. When I was a child my mom would drive me to the … [Read more...]

Mom Confession: Parody Videos, Go AWAY

I have a confession to make. I can't stand those "mom" song parody videos that have spread across the Internet like a not-so-rare Amazonian fungus. You probably seen them in your social media feeds; heck, we've probably even shared them on the chambanamoms Facebook page. So what draws my ire? They tend to feature (mostly) wealthy, (mostly) white, (mostly) … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: I Hate Coupons

Up for grabs: our Sunday paper inserts. Seriously, if I wasn't already fed up with the time and effort I've put into clipping coupons, I'd put some time and effort into handing them off to someone else who wants them. Two things happened yesterday to solidify my coupon hatred, but I'll tell you about them in reverse order: I was doing my semi-annual coupon organizer clean … [Read more...]

Hey, Marissa Mayer, Mashable and Seth MacFarlane,
How About You Shut Up?

By Amy L. Hatch It was a rough week for women. First, Mashable decided that it would be A-OK to portray moms as total dummies who can't operate their television sets in an infographic about women and Facebook. Then, Marissa Meyer, the first female CEO of tech giant Yahoo! and possibly the most visible symbol of feminism at work (literally) issued an edict directing all … [Read more...]

Words Mean Something, So Please Stop Saying That You Want To Kill Someone

By Amy L. Hatch As a writer I should know better and as a parent, it is critical: Words are meaningful and when we use violent language to describe our feelings we are contributing to a culture that is numb to the effects of killing. Since Dec. 14 when a madman entered an elementary school intent on slaughter, I've become hyper-aware of the permeation of violence all … [Read more...]