Champaign, Urbana Pools Offer Pool Pass Deals

Love a good sale? Stop the presses - get rock-bottom deals on summertime pool passes from both the Champaign Park District and Urbana Park District on November 30. In a time when we often talk about "gifts of experience" and "minimalist" holidays, this gift idea fits right in! It might not be the case that we're thinking about swimming outdoors, but these deals make great … [Read more...]

Orpheum Board Excited About New Champaign Museum Proposal

The details haven't been hammered out -- the next step takes place in the City Council study session Nov. 10 -- but the proposal from local developer Hans Grotelueschen to create a new children's museum in Champaign has drawn keen interest from the Orpheum Children's Science Museum board. "At this point all I can really say is that we as a board are interested in joining … [Read more...]

New Children’s Museum Included in Downtown Champaign Proposal

The vision of developing a new Orpheum Children's Science Museum in downtown Champaign took another step to fruition on Friday. A mixed-use development proposed for Downtown Champaign -- which would be built behind the current Orpheum Children's Science Museum and The News-Gazette in a surface parking lot -- includes a hotel, conference center, apartments, retail space, … [Read more...]

Champaign-Urbana Parents Notified of Contagious Disease

By Kelly Youngblood Don’t panic if your child recently came home with a letter from the Champaign Urbana Public Health District -- even if the letter confirms a student at your child’s school has a contagious disease you’ve probably never even heard of called shigellosis. If you’re a parent of a student at Lincoln Trail Elementary in Mahomet or Judah Christian in … [Read more...]

Champaign-Urbana Restaurant Openings, Closings

Watching the restaurant landscape in Champaign-Urbana is a bit like watching a tennis match these days: left, right, open, closed, lob, lunge, ace. The amount of closings and openings in the past three months alone is enough to give spectators a bit of whiplash. So we decided to develop a scorecard. Here it is; add your two cents in the comments. Of course, we never like … [Read more...]