40 by 40: Final Week


It’s Jenette’s final post! She turns 40 this week! Did she lose 40 pounds? See how much weight she’s lost these past weeks, and what she’s learned in the end.

Mom to Mom: The End of an Era


Jenna is done growing and nursing babies, a job she’s been working at for the past 18 years.

40 by 40: Week 26


As the end of her personal push for weight loss and baby-life-work-health harmony approaches, it is time for Jennette to assess what she have discovered, accomplished, and failed at in the past six months.

Mom to Mom: Am I Ready?


In the next few weeks Jennifer’s ‘nest’ is going to be empty from 8 a.m. Until 3 p.m. Her baby is going to kindergarten.

40 by 40: Week 25


Jenette finds that 40 is creeping up on her. Not just for her weight loss journey and her goal to lose 40 pounds by the time she turns 40, but for all the cliché reasons that women are wary of that number.