Survival Mom: Why I Hate Halloween

By Bethany Parker So it’s here once again, the dreaded week-before-Halloween. I figured this year, I’d be ready in advance. We visited Goodwill THREE WEEKS AGO and they picked out their costumes. Three weeks might as well be a full year in my world. The whole idea is beginning to lose it’s appeal for the 10-year-old – he’s never been terribly excited about dressing up … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: What the Cubs Mean to Me

by Jill Gengler So I was told recently that it was a surprise I'm a Cubs fan. I was born and raised a Cubbie. I grew up with the Cubs on WGN; straight-up crappy reception on the 1970 AM dial in Melvin, 100-some miles away. But the Cubs were always on the radio, all summer, always. They weren't great, but they were there. And they had commercials for places and things … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: T is for Tender Time

By Lynn Peisker I just moved to a new town. There are a lot of things you notice when you move to a place you never lived before. You notice how long it takes you to get places. Especially compared to where you came from. When you come from a place with one of the shortest commute times anywhere in the country, this is generally a negative comparison. You notice that your … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: Men-Oh-WHAT IS THIS?

By Bethany Parker So let’s talk about the thing. You know, the thing that so many of us here are trying to pretend isn’t happening, but we know deep down is the only real answer. There’s no other explanation for why we’ve been waking up at night for the last six months drenched in sweat, or suddenly ripping off every acceptable piece of clothing during the church service … [Read more...]

Survival Parenting: 14

By Bethany Parker Between a boy and a man and struggling with both. Taller than his mother and too old to play cars with his 8-year-old brother anymore, he has to be talked into a bike ride or climbing the tree in the backyard for fun lately, unhappy with a game of Monopoly or a deck of cards as family entertainment. He prefers the computer, the TV, texting with a … [Read more...]