Valentine’s Day with Kids: The Sweet Spot Between Cheap Cards and Pinterest Nightmares

by Mary Widdicks Valentine’s Day is designed for lovers and suitors to declare their romantic feelings for each other in shiny, sparkling, and dazzling fashion. Yet, since the invention of crafting havens like Pinterest, pressure is being placed on parents to extend the holiday to include their children as well. When I was a child my mom would drive me to the … [Read more...]

A Farewell to Nursing

You turned 1 today. One year old. The last 12 months have been a blur. But one aspect has been highlighted throughout our time together … breastfeeding. And now it is time to say farewell. For good. As the third child, your journey of breastfeeding has been different in so many ways. With your oldest sister everything was a struggle. Neither of us knew what we were doing … [Read more...]

What is Your Resolution? 7 Keys To Success To Assist With Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Editor's Note: Christie Clinic is a sponsor of by Ashley Quinlan, Christie Clinic Transformations Medical Weight Loss It is a new year! Welcome to 2016! You want to set a couple of resolutions, now where can you find the time to do them? Some of the most popular resolutions that we make are: lose weight and get fit, learn something new, get out of … [Read more...]

Survival Mom: Why I Hate Halloween

By Bethany Parker So it’s here once again, the dreaded week-before-Halloween. I figured this year, I’d be ready in advance. We visited Goodwill THREE WEEKS AGO and they picked out their costumes. Three weeks might as well be a full year in my world. The whole idea is beginning to lose it’s appeal for the 10-year-old – he’s never been terribly excited about dressing up … [Read more...]

Mom to Mom: What the Cubs Mean to Me

by Jill Gengler So I was told recently that it was a surprise I'm a Cubs fan. I was born and raised a Cubbie. I grew up with the Cubs on WGN; straight-up crappy reception on the 1970 AM dial in Melvin, 100-some miles away. But the Cubs were always on the radio, all summer, always. They weren't great, but they were there. And they had commercials for places and things … [Read more...]