Chambana Dad to Know: Rabbi Alan Cook

Rabbi Alan Cook

Find out why Champaign-Urbana’s newest rabbi will be shaving his head next week, and why we think he is a Chambana Dad to Know

Chambana Dad to Know: Jay Price


Vote Jay Price for (Eastern Illinois Foodbank) Prom King!

Remembering Caitlyn: Savoy Parents Mourn Infant Daughter


A local couple experiences the joy of giving birth to twins, only to lose one of their daughters hours later. Read how they are honoring her memory.

Chambana Dad To Know: Aaron Carlin

Chambana Dad to Know Aaron Carlin

See why we think Champaign Public Library Associate Aaron Carlin is a Chambana dad to know.

Chambana Dad to Know: Matt Bollant

Matt Bollant University of Illinois women's basketball team

Illinois women’s basketball coach Matt Bollant is a clear winner — so says his .837 winning percentage as a collegiate coach. See why we think he’s a Chambana Dad to know.