We hope to bring you the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about chambanamoms.com. Thanks for reading!

chambanamoms FAQ

Credit: sarbathory on Flickr

Q: I want to get more involved with chambanamoms. How do I join?
A: Chambanamoms.com is not a membership organization. Our goal is to be the top resource for parents in and around Champaign-Urbana. Here are ways to participate: 1. Read our website – and tell your friends. 2. Become a fan on Facebook and join the conversations there. 3. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and talk with us there. 4. Sign up for our weekly email. 5. Listen to us on the radio. Typically we are on Mix 94.5’s Kevin and Sarah show doing weekend picks every Thursday and Friday monring. 6. Catch us on TV. 7. Come to our events. We do about 4-5 events per year. Those events are typically open to anyone and everyone who wants to come, unless we have space limitations. (If you are looking for mom’s groups in Champaign-Urbana, we once wrote an article about that).

Q:  I want to write for chambanamoms.com. How do I become a contributor?
A: Please visit our “Write For Us” page with all the pertinient information on becoming a contributor.

Q: How long has chambanamoms.com been around?
A: The website debuted on Nov. 14, 2009. We think. The idea was conceived in May – a six-month gestation period, a modern miracle! :-)

Q: How do I submit an event to your calendar?
A: We welcome event submissions at our “Submit an Event” page. Please read that page to see what events we will accept. We reserve the right to not publish an event for any reason.

Q: I am looking for a recommendation for (insert babysitter, house cleaner, preschool, etc. here). Can you recommend someone?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t always answers these inquiries. But check out our readers recommend series, where readers do that. We sometimes post questions like this on Facebook.

Q: How do I get in touch with you?
A: The easiest way is to send us an email. Use our contact form or write us at editor@chambanamoms.com.

Q: I’m interested in advertising on chambanamoms.com.
A: To set up an advertising consultation, please contact us; use our contact form or write us at editor@chambanamoms.com.

Q: I’m interested in working for chambanamoms.com. Do you have any job openings?
A:  We are always looking for passionate and creative minds to join our team. If you are interested in working for us, drop us a line.