20 EGG-cellent Ideas for Easter Egg Fillers

20 ideas for egg fillers. www.chambanamoms.com

By Whitney Lewis

Those who know me know that I love holidays. Like, really really love holidays. Crafts, treats, family, overall celebrating… Ah, music to my ears! So with Easter just around the corner I’m in full planning mode for this year’s celebration(s).

Each holiday I strive to provide some creative alternatives to celebrating overwhelming amounts of candy. Easter alone comes with jelly beans, Reese eggs, Cadbury bunny eggs, marshmallow Peeps, robin eggs… The list goes on and on, whew! And while I let the kids have candy occasionally, honestly, I end up eating the majority of the junk food we… err, the Easter bunny… gives them.

That’s why this year at our Easter egg hunts, a family favorite at my house, we’ll be using a majority of fun, non-candy items in the eggs!

Here are 20 EGG-cellent ideas to fill eggs with for your kids.

1. Bubbles
2. Little People figures
3. Temporary tattoos
4. Small Matchbox cars
5. Nail polish
6. Army men
7. Stickers
8. A 24 PC Puzzles, one piece per egg
9. Bouncy balls
10. Hair bows
11. Fruit snacks
12. Socks
13. Lip gloss
14. Character band aids
15. Grow Caps – those tiny ‘pills’ that grow when you put them in water
16. Sidewalk chalk
17. Plastic bugs
18. Inexpensive play jewelry
19. Goldfish crackers
20. Clues. For kids who are old enough, set up an egg treasure hunt!

Whitney Lewis moved to Champaign with her husband nine years ago from small town Danville. She is a home daycare owner/provider and mother to two amazing little boys, 3 1/2 and 3 months. She enjoys crafting, reading, photography & party planning on a budget! There’s no such thing as a do-nothing weekend because she’s always on the hunt for a new project, craft, or fun activity with the kids. Life is busy but never boring!!

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