Spring Snow Day 2013: Five Fun Ideas For Kids

So with the major school districts canceling school today all over East Central Illinois — and most daycares, preschools, and private schools following suit — there are lots of kids home saying: Mom, I’m Bored.

Well, we’ve got some solutions for you. Batteries not required!

Want to sled this snow day? Here’s the scene from earlier this winter at Morrisey Park in Champaign, a great hill for the smaller set. (Chambanamoms photo)

1.) Go sledding (click for a guide)! There are many sled hills around, from Savoy to Champaign to Urbana to Homer Lake. If you can walk to one, even better. Stay off the roads if possible!

2.) Want to teach your (older) kids how to be neighborly? Take your shovels or snow blower and dig out one of your elderly neighbors. They will appreciate it more than you know, and your kids will feel good about themselves, too.

3.) With Easter coming up, we’ve got some fun and easy treats even the most cooking-challenged folks could make. Or, if you’ve been putting off dyeing eggs, this would be the time to do it.

4.) No sled hill nearby? Here’s a fun idea: make yellow (or green or blue or red) snow that you can eat! Grab some spray bottles, fill them with water, and put a little food dye in them. Voila! Snow art! Thanks to Katie over at Color Me Katie for that idea (great pics over at her site, too.)

5.) Throw a party. It’s somebody’s birthday, somewhere. You surely have leftover supplies from parties past. Bake some cupcakes, get out the snacks, blow up some balloons. Turn on some music. You could even make snow ice cream. Invite the neighbors over – why not?

What are your tried-and-true snow day activities?

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  1. Steve Rodgers says:

    With the notorious Pittsburgh weather we get here every winter, you better believe we get some snow days. It’s nice to see some activities that i can do with my kids inside and not just out. Thanks for the post, i like it a lot.