Want to Get Kids Moving? Champaign Surplus Can Help!

“So much of the play experience kids have these days is digital from our highly wired world. There is so much to explore outdoors in nature that is fun, exciting, educational and valuable. As a business committed to helping people enjoy the outdoors, we want to help encourage kids’ exposure to natural surroundings as much as possible. We find that when youngsters are exposed to nature and camping at a young age, they will grow to be active outdoors enthusiasts as adults.”

— Champaign Surplus co-owner Shira EpsteinChampaign Surplus Camptastic Sale

Champaign Surplus is working in a variety of ways to help encourage kids to enjoy the outdoors. During this week, May 7 – 13, Champaign Surplus is having a special event benefiting the Homer Lake Natural Playscape.

The Champaign County Forest Preserve District is in the process of building a natural “playscape” for kids at Homer Lake. (Editor’s note: we wrote about the playscape last fall).  The playground is designed to connect children with nature. Unlike a traditional playground made of plastic and metal, the Natural Playscape uses natural materials like streams, plants, boulders, logs, earth mounds and more to provide a highly creative, interactive, outdoor play experience.

We love this project and want to help make it a reality! So, during our weeklong spring camping sale as we’re busy helping people gear up to get outdoors, we’ve set a goal to raise at least $1,000 for the playscape for local kids to enjoy.

Here’s how it works: Champaign Surplus will donate $1 to the Champaign County Forest Preserve District Homer Lake Natural Playscape every time, and for every bag when a customer makes a purchase and either uses their own reusable tote or doesn’t take a bag at all.

We’re asking customers to come in and bring their reusable totes to help us meet our goal. The idea came from our new bag recycling program, as we try to lower single-use bag consumption and encourage our customers to bring in their own resuable bags when they shop.

Head over to the Camptastic sale and get your kids ready for camp, scouts or any summer adventure. We have lots of youth-sized gear, like backpacks, hiking boots, outerwear and small camping accessories.

And while you’re there … join the Champaign Surplus GeoPalz Pedometer Club!

We have a new line of kids’ pedometers called GeoPalz to encourage kids get moving and active. Kids can track their daily steps and physical activity using their Pal and the GeoPalz.com website. As they log steps, they get points to win great FREE prizes. Here’s how it works:

Champaign Surplus Geopals Homer Lake Urbana

Get your kids moving with GeoPalz - it's fun!

• Purchase a GeoPal pedometer. We have 8 fun designs to choose from.
• Log on to GeoPalz.com (with your parents) and register, using the unique code inside your GeoPal. The site is FREE and you’ll automatically be a part of the Champaign Surplus group.
• Wear your GeoPal. Walk, run, play and have fun.
• Log your steps.
• Earn points for FREE prizes from GeoPalz and Champaign Surplus

We even have a coupon for you to try it out special for readers of chambanamoms.com – check it out. Get moving this summer – and have fun!

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