Top Five: Sanity-Saving Strategies For Daylight Savings Time


Set your clocks forward on Sunday. Photo Credit: morgueFile.

It happens every year, and parents everywhere heave a collective groan — yes, it’s time to spring forward.

This weekend, on March 11, we will go to bed and wake up with one less hour in our day and our little roosters kiddies will rise with the sun no matter what time our bodies think it is.

When it comes to sleeping, we value every single second and so we’re offering five strategies to help save your sanity when the sun comes up 60 minutes earlier.

1. Get them up early. I know, I know, it hurts to even hear it. But for the rest of the week, start getting your kids up 15 minutes earlier every day. Believe me, this is an excellent example of short-term pain for long-term gain. By the time Sunday rolls around, you’ll all be in line with the time change.

2. Go to bed later. Play a board game, read them a third story or give in when they ask for a second viewing of “Sesame Street” before bedtime. Pushing tuck-in time forward a few minutes every night will achieve the same effect as getting up earlier.

3. Run them like ponies. The weather predicted for Saturday is perfect for hitting the playground, and some vigorous exercise helps to advance our body clocks, experts say. Get outside and play! Or, just put them out in the yard and let them run in circles. Kidding! Kind of.

4. Get out of bed. No matter how tempted you are, don’t sleep in. Wake up, sleepyhead! If you snooze, so will your kids and you’ll all pay the price later when everyone is awake at midnight. So bite the bullet and go make breakfast.

5. Suck it up, buttercup. Springing forward only happens once a year and everyone will get back on track soon. Don’t despair, they won’t wake up at 5 a.m. for the rest of their lives … only for the rest of the month.

And hey, don’t forget to take this opportunity to check the batteries in your smoke detectors!

What do you do to manage Daylight Savings Time? Or do you just roll with it?

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