Reduce, Reuse, Re-invent: Valentine Eco-Craft

By Sarah Dexter

Mustaches have hit it big! Here’s a simple and silly mustache-friendly Valentine’s Day craft for you and the kids!

How to make: Funny Valentines

Chambanamoms I.D.E.A. Store eco-craft

Using a mustache template, trace a mustache onto a piece of construction paper. Credit: Sarah Dexter

You will need:

  • Colored Paper (various colors)
  • Glue (stick or craft)
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Markers/crayons

If you don’t have some of these supplies around the house, try checking out The I.D.E.A Store. They have a large variety of crafting supplies, and every purchase helps support the local K-12 education foundation (the Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation).

  1. Using the colored paper cut out a heart, about the size of your palm. You can use a template or cookie cutter, or fold the paper in half and cut in the shape of an ice cream cone. Whatever works for you is great! Try to make your heart long and lean, instead of short and fat.
  2. On the backside (whichever side you choose that to be) write “to” and “from” with a marker or crayon.
  3. Chambanamoms I.D.E.A. Store eco-craft

    Funny valentines! Credit: Sarah Dexter

    Using a mustache template, trace a mustache onto a piece of construction paper. Then cut out your mustache for your Funny Valentine. Along with your mustache, feel free to cut out a top hat, an eye patch, beards or other goofy props you and your child might like. (Note: There are several free mustache templates online in addition to the link above. You do not even have to use a template!)

  4. Glue the mustache and other props on the front side of your heart. Then draw on any other facial features you want! I chose eyes, eyebrows – and sometimes – a mouth.

Hope your Funny Valentine provides a few laughs and a fun time for everyone!

Sarah Dexter recently completed a communications internship at the I.D.E.A Store in Champaign.

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