Top Five: Things To Do With Kids During The Superbowl

Credit: ElvertBarnes, Flickr

Sunday is basically a national holiday — and for our friends just down the road in Indy, Superbowl Sunday is going to be one heck of a party.

But sometimes the small people aren’t really into the big game, and that can make for some stressful hours between kick-off and bedtime.

That’s why we put our heads together to come up with five fun things to do with the kids during the Superbowl!

1. Get your game face on! Playing a game while you’re watching the game — can it get any more meta? Break out Candy Land, Operation or Sorry! and keep your eye on the telly while the kids beat the pants off you. Throw in a friendly wager just for fun!

2. Get crafty! Clear some space on a table and set out enough craft supplies to make Valentines or another craft, or even some fun posters to cheer on mom’s and dad’s favorite team!

3. Get creative! Let your kids pick one of their favorite products from around your house and challenge them to make the best possible Superbowl commercial! Help them film it with your smart phone or flip cam and then pick the best one.

4. Get cooking! Kids love to help in the kitchen so get them to work. Let them help you make some delicious snacks to munch on.

5. Get moving! With the weather as warm as it’s been, there’s nothing to stop you from heading out to the back yard or neighborhood park to toss the pigskin around. Get your team together and scrimmage.

What do you do with your family during the Superbowl? Are you into the game or looking for something else to do?

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