Restaurant Review: Meatheads

By Amy L. Hatch

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new burger joint in town and I’m here to tell you that it is downright delicious.

My husband and I decided to check out the new Meatheads on S. Neil Street last week and we had such a great experience and meal that I know we’ll be going back soon with the whole family.

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The chain is located in Illinois only, with the closest location to Chambana being Bloomington. The new restaurant here in town is spacious, and, much to my husband’s delight, also has two Coke Freestyle machines.

The menu is much what you would expect — burgers, burgers and more burgers — but there are also hot dogs (including one on a New England style bun — they have a split top — which are virtually impossible to find west of Pennsylvania). The kids menu does feature grilled cheese, as well, but no chicken nuggets.

I ordered the 1/3-pound Meathead and my husband opted for the half-pounder. The toppings are numerous and yummy, and the fresh-cut fries are seriously to die for. Ask for vinegar and add some sea salt (there’s a shaker of it on every table) and you could make an entire meal of the fries alone.

We both really enjoyed our burgers, despite the fact that both sandwiches showed up with three patties, which was a little too much meat for me. I eat burgers as a socially acceptable way to consume mayo on bread.

You order and pay at the front of the store and you get a number for your table. The food is delivered to you while you sit, and we had several employees approach us and ask us how we were enjoying our meals.

Meatheads is also committed to communities, and proves it by advocating for youth sports. Their “Meathead of the Game” program rewards outstanding student athletes (chosen at the discretion of their coaches) with a free meal after a game.

In addition, they offer the “voracious reader” program. Any child between the ages of 6 and 13 who reads five books is eligible for a free kid’s meal, and their website even offers reading suggestions!

We felt very welcome and at home at Meatheads, which also has an ample supply of highchairs. Employees have been trained to spot a mom a mile away and to help ensure that both she and her child have an easy time ordering and getting seated for their meals.

All in all, we had a great experience at Meatheads in Champaign, and I can’t wait to go back and get some of those fries.

Mmmmm, fries.

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  1. Thanks for all the kind words!

  2. Can’t wait to take the boys in to try it! I have heard Great Buzz about this place! Love their connection to the community- Awesome!

  3. We went on Saturday and it was packed, and that was before the Illini game let out. I got take out, but could tell how much all the customers were enjoying the place. I saw lots of happy families, couples, groups of friends and even two little old ladies chowing down on some greasy burgers. They were staffed up very well, with one manager-type doing buns and expediting in the kitchen – and another making sure there were seats for all who wanted one.

    My stepson got a basic 1/3 lb with bacon, american and ketchup – proclaiming it one of the best burgers ever. I got the Cajun Sunrise, which is this crazy concoction: Angus beef patty, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, bacon, bleu cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, fresh jalapeƱos. We shared a large fry.

    We both agreed that Five Guys is a little better, but it is definitely a special treat we will have again. My only true complaint is the price – it was $17 for the two burgers and one fry – but maybe I’m just getting old and remember when two people could eat a big meal at Taco Bell for $5.

  4. After eating there a few times in other towns and then taking my kids I realized that the kids meal is plenty of food- burger and fries – for me and cheaper!

    My kids were given a pack of wiki sticks as soon as we walked in the door and this kept them busy until the food came!

  5. I wish they had a veggie burger option since our daughter doesn’t eat meat…did I miss it? I found the burger to be a bit greasy and lacking seasoning. The fries, however, were delicious…ate them in the car on the way home.