Birthday Bash Giveaway: Babyland Gift Certificate

All this week we’ll be celebrating our birthday by giving away a fantastic prize from one of our sponsors each day. Don’t forget to buy tickets for our Birthday Bash, and many thanks to sponsor Christie Clinic for helping us throw this party. Click here for all the information about the party and to buy your tickets online today! 

Today we’re giving away a $100 gift card from chambanamoms sponsor Babyland! Babyland is Champaign-Urbana’s best local source for all the gear your growing child needs. From car seats to strollers, from cribs to big-kid beds and from swaddling blankets to toys, you can get it all at Babyland.

All you need to do to win is leave a comment below telling us something you love about Champaign-Urbana. Comments will close at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified on Monday, Dec. 5.

Ready, set…go!

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  1. I love all of the wonderful parks! Oh, and the Champaign Library. :)

  2. Sholem Pool in the summer!

  3. I love taking walks through the Urbana Farmer’s Market!

  4. I love the U of I!

  5. Carolyn Jones says:

    I love Crystal Lake park for swinging in the summer and sledding in the winter.

  6. We love Meadowbrook Park!

  7. We love so much about this city! There are so many things for families to do: farmer’s market, great parks, a new library, and lots of local businesses that provide fun things to do all throughout the year!

  8. I love that there is so much to do! Concerts, culture, parks, events, UI, Parkland, shops, restaurants…and much more!

  9. I love that we can get anywhere in 15 minutes or less, and there is so much to do for a family with small children!

  10. Celina Trujillo says:

    The libraries!

  11. I love that you can be anywhere you need to be in less than 15 minutes!

  12. We loved dthe the parade of lights the other day!

  13. I also first thought of all our great parks and facilities!

  14. Urbana Farmer’s Market and the public libraries!

  15. We love the parks!

  16. We love all the family activities offered that are free for families!

  17. I love the family friendly environment – parks, pools, free events!

  18. I love campus during summer session 1! :)

  19. Tania Swigart says:

    I love all the consignment shops CU to help keep my family dressed on a budget.

  20. My favorite thing about C-U is the Urbana Farmers Market, followed by breakfast at The Courier Cafe.

  21. I love the people of C-U. We are so blessed to have the benefits of the safe, small town feel with such a diverse community of people.

  22. I love the friendly women who took me under their wing when I first moved here!

  23. I love spring in Urbana Champaign, I really miss it right now

  24. We love the parks!

  25. So many nice free and affordable things to do with the kids.

  26. I love the cultural diversity.

  27. Affordable living, no traffic, and fantastic local businesses!

  28. So many great things to do with my grandbabies!

  29. I love the (lack of) traffic, the variety of things to do and places to shop, and the friendliness of the people.

  30. We love the CU park districts and the programs offered. Everything from tree planting to soccer.

  31. I love champaign-urbanas close community feel and its’ colorful fall trees!

  32. I love the ILLINI!!!!

  33. I love the libraries!

  34. Love the parks, and the Farmers Market!

  35. Love the Illini!!!

  36. I love both Park Districts, the libraries and how I run into someone I know every time I leave my house. CU is the largest “small town” you’ll ever live in!

  37. I love our families getting together for U of I football games and only having to drive 5 minutes to get there!

  38. The libraries and all the family friendly events.

  39. Leah Robberts-Mosser says:

    We love the Farmers Market! We love our libraries! We love One Week Boutique! And we LOVE Community United Church of Christ.

  40. I’ve lived here most of my life and I love this community. I think it’s the perfect mix of city, culture, and small town. Love the parks, concerts and events, downtown Champaign, UofI, etc.

  41. Champaign/Urbana has great schools that put kids first!

  42. I love all of the diverse opportunities we have because of the university!

  43. I love my childrens’ school, the UIAC, FCC, Curtis Orchard and UFL just to name a few.

  44. I love the parks and libraries! Great places to take my 2 year old.

  45. I love Curtis Orchard and Prairie Fruits Farm!

  46. Chambanamoms is so great! Every time my daughter and I need some ideas for fun, I just go to!!

  47. Jennifer Wasson says:

    There are a lot of great parks in the CU area. I love that this is also a very family-friendly community.

  48. I love the small town feel, cultural diversity, slower pace (yea for no rush hour traffic!), and huge opportunities still (thanks to the University).

  49. I love the sense of community when going to Farmer’s Market.

  50. I love both libraries, the Park Districts, & the indoor playground!