Top Five: Reasons We Love ‘Falling Back’

Credit: alancleaver_2000, Flickr

For some folks, setting the clocks back — which is slated to happen this coming Sunday, Nov. 6 — marks the beginning of a long winter of dark afternoons and a lack of sunlight.

But there are some good reasons to love falling back, and here are our Top Five!

1. The 25-hour day. At last, someone has heard the Parent’s Prayer for 60 extra minutes. We suggest you use yours for something fun, like, say, sleeping. The laundry will wait. And, unlike its evil twin, springing forward, falling back won’t cause your children’s sleep cycle to become akin to something out of “The Exorcist.”

2. Cozy afternoons with tea. Sure, darkness falls a little bit earlier now, but use that to your advantage. Light a fire, make a cup of tea. Or treat yourself to a latte during the later afternoon at work. It’s the perfect excuse for small comforts.

3. Comfort food! Speaking of comfort, winter gives us permission to indulge in our favorite foods. Thanksgiving, the winter holidays and New Year’s Eve are all great reasons to eat appetizers, enormous amounts of turkey and all things made with butter. Ordinary weekdays don’t need to be all business, either: May we recommend some macaroni and cheese or banana bread?

4. Early bedtimes! It’s a lot easier to put your kid to bed at… say … 5 p.m. when it’s dark out. ‘Nuff said. This could also correlate nicely with early Happy Hours. Heh.

5. Staying home. A cool fall and what is sure to be a predictably Chambana-style winter (ice, wind, more ice, how about some more wind?) make it easy to stay at home — and appreciate it a little bit more.

Don’t forget to set your clocks!

Why do you love falling back? Did we mention that extra hour?


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  1. When I lived in OH I didn’t like Daylight Savings Time because it was dark when I got up and dark when I left work.

    But being in AZ, I’d probably take the darkness over the inability of people to remember that I don’t change my clock so stop calling me at 10pm thinking I’m still on Pacific Time and it should only be 9pm.

    Other than that, with all this awesome technology, most things have an ‘AZ’ time zone exception. Except my atomic clocks which totally freak out. But hey, it’s not going to be dark at 3pm!

    Happy Clock Changing Day!

  2. Everything you said! Oh, how I love to Fall Back…